A low-media child

We feel very strongly that Ellie does not need an iPhone, iPad or TV until much later in life and that her exposure to such devices should be very limited. It is our plan to raise Ellie as a “low media” child. Magda Gerber explained it as concisely as I know how:

Active toys make passive children; passive toys make active children.

Kids need to be able to explore, be creative and be independent, all of which are hampered by overactive toys and appliances.

Ellie will have an environment where creativity and independence are fostered and where she learns to explore and make risks to see what things do and what she can make or do with them.

For a more thorough read on why we will be raising Ellie this way and what it involves, check out this great write-up on Mama Natural and also, this engaging talk about the importance of creativity.

Author: Dave

Dave is the proud father of Ellie and Jack. There's nothing that makes him happier than spending time with his incredible wife and their amazing children. He's a civil/mechanical engineer and he also builds and maintains WordPress websites.

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