Grocery bills are growing

Now that Ellie is eating a good amount of solid food, our grocery bill is increasing week by week, especially since we (and especially Ellie) only eat organic food.

You can either pay for it now, or pay for it later.


Author: Dave

Dave is the proud father of Ellie and Jack. There's nothing that makes him happier than spending time with his incredible wife and their amazing children. He's a civil/mechanical engineer and he also builds and maintains WordPress websites.

2 thoughts on “Grocery bills are growing”

  1. Do you guys garden too? I just started one! When and I truly mean it, WHEN you make the move to Oregon, I see you gardening a lot!

    1. Yeah, not here in Florida, but WHEN we move to Oregon, we’ll definitely have a garden! I used to grow quite a few things in the UK, like peppers, tomatoes, chives, squash, cucumbers and the like.

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