Ellie’s first day at school

This summer, Ellie started school. She’s currently going three mornings a week and it’s been fantastic for her. She’s making friends, enjoying the independence and it’s making her much more confident and assertive. The other day was the first time I got to take her to school and meet her teachers and classmates and I’m … Continue reading “Ellie’s first day at school”

Throwing Ellie into the air [VIDEO]

This past Sunday was the first day that we dared to venture in the pool this year and while it was pretty chilly, it was certainly a lot of fun. Ellie got right back into the swing of having fun in the water. I wasn’t expecting however that when I counted “1, 2, 3” before … Continue reading “Throwing Ellie into the air [VIDEO]”

Bilingual baby

Ellie’s grandmother is German-born, so she’s Ellie’s “Oma”, and in the interest of having Ellie learn German (since picking up multiple languages is easier the younger they are), Ellie wears these German flag stickers when her Oma is looking after her, to remind her to only speak German to her. The idea is quite simple: … Continue reading “Bilingual baby”