Ellie feeding herself [VIDEO]

In the past few weeks, Ellie has taken to feeding herself, and does a good job at it. She can feed herself hand-held food, biting off what she needs (though she often bites off more than she can chew, literally) and she can also feed herself from a spoon or fork, though for now, Marti and me are still the ones putting the food on the fork/spoon. I’m not about to let her do it until she can do it without a big mess! Continue reading “Ellie feeding herself [VIDEO]”

Vegan eating

Ellie has taken so well to all sorts of food. We’ve been very intentional about being very adventurous with what we feed her, and giving her the chance to try anything that we eat as well, whether that’s veggies, spicy food or anything else. There’s nothing that she won’t try and nothing that she hasn’t liked so far.

In the picture, Ellie is chowing down on her lunch of garlic kale, sweet potato and black quinoa. Score!