You say goodbye, I say hello [VIDEO]

After deciding that she’s quite good (and adorable) at saying hello, Ellie kept on playing with the word and it has possible been her favourite word of the trip (either that or “Max” or “Ace”). Continue reading “You say goodbye, I say hello [VIDEO]”

Dinner at Nicola’s with Granny

Today, we headed over to Aunty Nicola’s house to see everyone again and to meet Granny.

We shared some Lebanese food, but more importantly, we played around with Granny, Aunty Nicola, Aunty Michelle and Max. Continue reading “Dinner at Nicola’s with Granny”

Visiting Daddy for lunch

Ellie has been making a habit of visiting me for lunch once a week at work, which is really nice for me, as it breaks my day up and allows me to add a precious hour to the time I get to spend with Ellie during the week.

So today she came to see me and it’s becoming apparent just how much more of a small child than a baby she is. She looks so adorable sitting in her chair and eating food. Love her to bits!