This Hawaiian princess can’t get enough of reading

This summer in particular, Ellie has really dived in to reading. Most mornings, I can expect to find her on the hallway floor, in front of her bookcase reading to herself, or if it’s a really good day, reading to Ellie.

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January 2017

With our move to Portland coming up very quickly, we’ve had little time to update the site of late. So, rather than neglect to provide an update, I figured I’d do a quick compilation of the best pictures of Ellie that we have from the past month.

The Goodnight Train [VIDEO]

Ellie’s ability to memorise books is ridiculously good. And as each month passes, she gets better at pronouncing her words.

The Goodnight Train gets set to roll
It’s being shined and filled with coal

Wash the cars off with a hose
Scrub the engine’s dirty nose
Srcub-a-dub, scrub-a-dub, toot toot!

All aboard, the sun is down
The Goodnight Train is leaving town

Find your sleepers, grab your teddy
Climb right up, your bed is ready!

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The best big sister ever [VIDEO]

When Jack came along, Oma got Ellie a special book which we’ve all grown quite fond of. It’s called I am a Big Sister! by Caroline Jayne Church and it talks about how Ellie is now a big sister, is such a big help around the house and how we’re one big family now. I love the illustrations, but even more than that, I love that Ellie reads the book by herself and is adorable while doing so! Continue reading “The best big sister ever [VIDEO]”

Best sister award

And the award for best sister ever goes to Ellie Grace.

Jack was fussy, so Mama was wondering how she was going to deal with a waking Ellie and a fussy Jack. Cue Ellie’s amazing role as a big sister. Mama laid Jack in Ellie’s crib/cot and Ellie proceeded to tend to Jack and read to him which completely calmed him down. Continue reading “Best sister award”