Taking a break in our closet

Now that Ellie is of the age where she plays by herself and does her own thing sometimes, occasionally we’ll find Ellie doing the strangest things or in the most peculiar places.

The other day, we went into our closet to find Ellie laying down taking a rest on the floor. Continue reading “Taking a break in our closet”

Well rested

When we go to get Ellie up in the morning, she’s usually sitting or standing and has been playing with her toys, so her crib is in disarray.

However, on this particular morning, I went in and to my surprise, Ellie was laying beautifully like Snow White with her covers still on and holding her Eleanor. Quite adorable if I do say so myself! Continue reading “Well rested”

Ellie’s first few days in England

Our first few days in England were characterized by lots of sleeping, meeting family members and more snoozing.

Ellie met Aunty Nicola, Aunty Michelle, Uncle Andy, Aunty Sam, cousin Ace and cousin Max for the first time, and met Grandad and Dosh again. Continue reading “Ellie’s first few days in England”