Let’s go fly a kite [VIDEO]

Ellie picks up on things pretty quickly. For example, she now knows plot lines in books and will start to talk about what’s happening on the page when you turn to it.

Similarly, she’s started picking up on some songs. For whatever reason, she cottoned on to Let’s Go Fly a Kite from Mary Poppins and has randomly been singing it for about 6 weeks. Continue reading “Let’s go fly a kite [VIDEO]”

Mama’s gorgeous! [VIDEO]

The other day while driving home, I caught a glimpse of Ellie in her mirror and said “Hi, gorgeous”, which she then repeated. Naturally, I couldn’t get a video while I was driving, but luckily while we were having dinner soon thereafter she was only too happy to play along. Cue adorableness. Continue reading “Mama’s gorgeous! [VIDEO]”

“I love you too”

Ellie has started to be more interactive with her speech, forming shorter sentences and responding to questions contextually.

Our new favourite is without a doubt when we tell her “I love you” and we get the response “I love you too”.

Another adorable phrase which we haven’t yet been able to capture in audio is the response to when we sneeze: “Bless you Daddy!”.

Ellie’s rapidly expanding vocabulary

Since returning from England, Ellie’s vocabulary has been expanding very quickly. She could probably say 20 words when we got back. Now though, she’s probably in excess of 100 words and can mimic nearly any word you say (causing us to be especially careful!).

She’s learning 5-6 new words a day and just recently, she has learnt pouch, tissues, “I love you”, “I missed you” and oatmeal.

There’s nothing quite like coming home or heading to work and hearing Ellie say in her most adorable voice, “I love you!”.

Ellie’s eager to play on the swings [VIDEO]

Lately, we’ve been taking advantage of the lovely Florida winter weather by going to the park regularly, which Ellie really enjoys. In this video you can see her marching towards the park before noticing and calling out the swings, which is her favourite thing to play on. Continue reading “Ellie’s eager to play on the swings [VIDEO]”

Ellie enjoying “The Snowman” [VIDEO]

Ellie doesn’t get to watch TV at all since we’re raising her in a “low media” environment. However, after doing a surprise Christmas in January for Marti, I decided that to make it really feel like Christmas, that we’d watch The Snowman together. Her reaction to the music and animation was quite adorable. There were several moments of her having a gaping mouth, in awe of the magic. Continue reading “Ellie enjoying “The Snowman” [VIDEO]”

You say goodbye, I say hello [VIDEO]

After deciding that she’s quite good (and adorable) at saying hello, Ellie kept on playing with the word and it has possible been her favourite word of the trip (either that or “Max” or “Ace”). Continue reading “You say goodbye, I say hello [VIDEO]”