When they get along…

… they’re adorable with one another.

Like any siblings, particularly those close in age, Ellie & Jack don’t always get along.

However, when they do, Ellie is so nurturing with Jack and he really shows his appreciation for her. Today, they went to the park and Ellie very sweetly took Jack’s hand and guided him down the path towards the park. 😍 Continue reading “When they get along…”

Ellie with her cart [VIDEO]

As part of our mini-Christmas, Ellie got a Radio Flyer, which she soon took to pulling around the house. It was adorable watching her pull it along, deciding it was too much effort, abandoning it, turning around and realising it was no longer with her before fetching it again. Continue reading “Ellie with her cart [VIDEO]”

Ready for a trip [VIDEO]

Recently, Ellie has taken to carrying bags around with her, and she’ll keep picking things up and adding them to her bag, like she’s ready to go on a trip.

Since it’s somewhat cold in Florida today, she’s also wearing an adorable little hoodie with ears on it. Continue reading “Ready for a trip [VIDEO]”

Moving up the z-axis [VIDEO]

Ellie gave us a nice surprise yesterday when, after a few weeks of encouraging her to try and climb the stairs without any response, she decided to climb the whole flight by herself.

She repeated this several times throughout the day, and we caught a little segment of it on video. I guess we need to start using the gate at the bottom of the stairs too now. Continue reading “Moving up the z-axis [VIDEO]”