Ellie trying to wash herself [VIDEO]

Last night while bathing Ellie, she was insistent that I give her the bottle of shampoo. So I gave it to her and she proceeded to let water drip off the lid (which was closed) on to her leg and then pretended to rub it in like soap. I have no idea where she learned this, but just a constant reminder that she’s always watching and learning. Continue reading “Ellie trying to wash herself [VIDEO]”

Eating chips (dipping chips in ketchup and eating the ketchup) [VIDEO]

I got this video along with a couple of others today while I was at work, and I just found it pretty funny. Ellie always does this on the rare occasion that she gets chips (fries). If you put some ketchup on there (or let her do it herself as Marti did here), she’ll just suck the ketchup off the chip and send it back for more ketchup, like it’s some sort of Double Dip. Continue reading “Eating chips (dipping chips in ketchup and eating the ketchup) [VIDEO]”