Ellie’s personality at 5 weeks

Ellie is now 5 and a bit weeks old and I figured we’d share a bit about how her personality has developed since birth.

The first few weeks were, to put it bluntly, hard. Ellie was not a terribly difficult baby, but she also was not an “easy” baby. She could be quite fussy much of her waking hours and wouldn’t hesitate to cry if there was anything slightly not right, and at times, we both found it to be a little overwhelming.

On the positive side, she would go 2-2.5 hours between feedings most of the time, and at night, she would just wake up once and that was usually because we were waking her, so that she wasn’t going too long without a feeding, so we get about as much rest as we could hope for (though that doesn’t stop me from drifting off at 9.30!). Continue reading “Ellie’s personality at 5 weeks”

Ready for a fight

Today, Ellie had her one month appointment at the paediatrician, but as she was sitting in the car seat waiting for the doctor to come in, she looked like she was ready to start a fight!

She’s very healthy and well. Her height (22.5in), head circumference (15in) and weight (10lbs) put her in about the 90th percentile for growth, so she’s big and growing nicely.

4 weeks

Height: 22.5in (97th percentile)
Weight: 10 lbs (75th percentile)
Head circumference: 15in (92nd percentile)


Week 1 photo roundup

Rather than upload every single photo in a new post and start overwhelming people, I figured I’d hold back a little and collect them into small galleries so that you get a whole bunch of cuteness all at once. So enjoy this little gallery of photos from the past week or so.

1 week

Weight: 8lbs 10oz (80th percentile)