The last many months

I know. It’s been a long time. Because moving, life, busyness etc. But I’m here now.

We’ve been up to a lot since we got to Oregon back in March. We absolutely love it here and have done our fair share of exploring, getting out and about, and enjoying the outdoors. Continue reading “The last many months”

Doing our grocery shopping

Being that as a family, we’re vegan, we tend to shy away from places like Publix for our food shopping so that we can get some more specialised food and a wider range of options.

We used to go to Whole Foods in Tampa, and still do, but we’ve also fallen in love with a local natural foods store called Rollin’ Oats.

Ellie likes going there too, since they have shopping carts (trollies) for kids. Fortunately, we have trained her well and she knows the correct aisles to shop in. Continue reading “Doing our grocery shopping”

Eating chips (dipping chips in ketchup and eating the ketchup) [VIDEO]

I got this video along with a couple of others today while I was at work, and I just found it pretty funny. Ellie always does this on the rare occasion that she gets chips (fries). If you put some ketchup on there (or let her do it herself as Martina did here), she’ll just suck the ketchup off the chip and send it back for more ketchup, like it’s some sort of Double Dip. Continue reading “Eating chips (dipping chips in ketchup and eating the ketchup) [VIDEO]”

Thoughts on buying gifts for Ellie

We’re very thankful to have such generous people in Ellie’s life, and we truly appreciate anyone who wishes to buy her a gift.

With that in mind though, we’re not raising Ellie in a “conventional” fashion and there are certain things that we’d rather Ellie did not have, or that she simply cannot have.

These mainly revolve around our desire to raise a low-media, vegan, creative, intelligent child. Continue reading “Thoughts on buying gifts for Ellie”

Vegan eating

Ellie has taken so well to all sorts of food. We’ve been very intentional about being very adventurous with what we feed her, and giving her the chance to try anything that we eat as well, whether that’s veggies, spicy food or anything else. There’s nothing that she won’t try and nothing that she hasn’t liked so far.

In the picture, Ellie is chowing down on her lunch of garlic kale, sweet potato and black quinoa. Score!


Enforcing our parenting decisions

Martina & I have chosen a fairly “atypical” upbringing for Ellie, and raising her means sticking to those decisions and enforcing them at every turn.

For example, we’ve decided that we’re going to raise her vegan: I’m vegetarian (mostly vegan, and heading for strictly vegan), while Martina is already strictly vegan. There will be difficult times, where we’re forced to hunt high and low for something appropriate for Ellie to eat, or she’ll be offered ice cream, or some other food that she’s just not allowed, and we’ll have to politely turn down the offer.

Aside from just eating vegan, we’re actively seeking healthy food choices, and organic foods wherever possible. After all, cookies, cakes and chocolate can be vegan too. So her access to sweets and treats is going to be severely limited. This is going to mean there will be some awkward situations for us and the inevitable “Oh, well why not?” from those used to plying their children with rocket fuel. Continue reading “Enforcing our parenting decisions”