Getting our Christmas tree

During the day today, we took some time to hunt down a Christmas tree. Mama really wanted a real tree to decorate, so we found a florist selling some trees and with the help of some spare decorations from Aunty Nicola, we were all set. Continue reading “Getting our Christmas tree”

Ellie with her cart [VIDEO]

As part of our mini-Christmas, Ellie got a Radio Flyer, which she soon took to pulling around the house. It was adorable watching her pull it along, deciding it was too much effort, abandoning it, turning around and realising it was no longer with her before fetching it again. Continue reading “Ellie with her cart [VIDEO]”

Thoughts on buying gifts for Ellie

We’re very thankful to have such generous people in Ellie’s life, and we truly appreciate anyone who wishes to buy her a gift.

With that in mind though, we’re not raising Ellie in a “conventional” fashion and there are certain things that we’d rather Ellie did not have, or that she simply cannot have.

These mainly revolve around our desire to raise a low-media, vegan, creative, intelligent child. Continue reading “Thoughts on buying gifts for Ellie”

Our Christmas trip to Mount Dora

The past two years, Martina and I have gone to Mount Dora a weekend or two before Christmas, as a little getaway. It also helped us to get a bit more in the Christmas spirit, as that can be hard when it’s 80+ degrees outside: Mt Dora is quite a small little town in central Florida, which goes all out for Christmas and it’s a nice place to kick back and get festive.


This year, we had no intention of stopping that tradition, so we invited Marti’s mom along and the four of us enjoyed a nice little weekend. We stayed at Maison en Ville, which is an excellent little B and B, downtown, within walking distance of all the town’s offerings.