Thoughts on buying gifts for Ellie

We’re very thankful to have such generous people in Ellie’s life, and we truly appreciate anyone who wishes to buy her a gift.

With that in mind though, we’re not raising Ellie in a “conventional” fashion and there are certain things that we’d rather Ellie did not have, or that she simply cannot have.

These mainly revolve around our desire to raise a low-media, vegan, creative, intelligent child. Continue reading “Thoughts on buying gifts for Ellie”

Our Christmas trip to Mount Dora

The past two years, Marti and I have gone to Mount Dora a weekend or two before Christmas, as a little getaway. It also helped us to get a bit more in the Christmas spirit, as that can be hard when it’s 80+ degrees outside: Mt Dora is quite a small little town in central Florida, which goes all out for Christmas and it’s a nice place to kick back and get festive.


This year, we had no intention of stopping that tradition, so we invited Marti’s mom along and the four of us enjoyed a nice little weekend. We stayed at Maison en Ville, which is an excellent little B and B, downtown, within walking distance of all the town’s offerings.