Playing with uncle Tyler

Ellie’s uncle Tyler (actually her first cousin once removed) is now living near to us, so Ellie has been spending a lot of time with him. In fact, she’d much rather spend time with him than with us. She’s constantly asking for “Ti-luh!”.

She has taken to this new activity of sitting on people’s chests or sometimes their necks, so I fear that we’re going to have our hands very full as she grows up, especially with a brother on the way! Continue reading “Playing with uncle Tyler”

Getting our Christmas tree

During the day today, we took some time to hunt down a Christmas tree. Mama really wanted a real tree to decorate, so we found a florist selling some trees and with the help of some spare decorations from Aunty Nicola, we were all set. Continue reading “Getting our Christmas tree”

Dinner at Nicola’s with Granny

Today, we headed over to Aunty Nicola’s house to see everyone again and to meet Granny.

We shared some Lebanese food, but more importantly, we played around with Granny, Aunty Nicola, Aunty Michelle and Max. Continue reading “Dinner at Nicola’s with Granny”