Ellie getting a bike for her birthday [VIDEO]

Many months ago, Mama mentioned to Ellie the possibility of her getting a bike for her birthday and since that day, she has professed to everyone that she “is getting a bike for her birthday”.

So we couldn’t really fail her. We celebrated her birthday a little early since we had family visiting, but her reaction when she got her bike was hysterical. She had this nervous laughter that she couldn’t quite believe she got a bike. She was a bit shaky at first, but within 24 hours she’s already zooming around. Continue reading “Ellie getting a bike for her birthday [VIDEO]”

A date at Tampa International Airport

On Valentine’s Day, I was supposed to take Ellie on a date while Marti took Jack on a date. Ellie and I had agreed to go to the airport because she had shown such an interest in airports after reading her book Ellie’s First Plane Ride where a toy elephant takes her friend toy penguin on a trip to the airport and then on the plane, with photos of them riding the escalators, the monorail and getting their miniature luggage at baggage claim.

However, Valentine’s Day rolled around and I was feeling wretched, and ended up spending all day in bed. So we rescheduled for the following weekend, except Mama and Jack joined us. Continue reading “A date at Tampa International Airport”

Snuggling up in bed with us

Since we hooked Ellie up with her “big girl bed” a few weeks ago, she’s started venturing out of her room once she’s awake in the morning. So, if we’re still dozy, she very sweetly comes up to us, rubs us on the arm to wake us up and then snuggles up in bed with us. It’s amazing.

The part that’s not amazing is when you left home several hours ago and she’s snuggling up with Mama and Jack instead of you. Continue reading “Snuggling up in bed with us”

Ellie floating and swimming [VIDEO]

Ellie has just completed her 6 weeks of swimming lessons for this season, following on from her first year’s lessons.

Whereas last year Ellie learned to float and call out if she fell in the water, this year she added swimming into the mix, so she swims for a few seconds and then pauses to float on her back and catch her breath before proceeding with swimming. She’s really mastered it now, can swim about half the length of the pool and just keeps getting better. Most importantly, she’s actually enjoying it now that she’s accomplishing something. Continue reading “Ellie floating and swimming [VIDEO]”

Tuh-MAY-to, Tuh-MAH-to [VIDEO]

There are a few words which Ellie can’t decide how to pronounce. She hears me say WAR-tuh, whereas she’ll hear Marti say WOD-ah; she hears Marti say YOAH-gert and then hears me call it YOH-gert. Sometimes she’ll pick her pronunciation depending on who she’s speaking to.

In this video, she goes over the various options for talking about a small red fruit.
Continue reading “Tuh-MAY-to, Tuh-MAH-to [VIDEO]”