“I love you too”

Ellie has started to be more interactive with her speech, forming shorter sentences and responding to questions contextually.

Our new favourite is without a doubt when we tell her “I love you” and we get the response “I love you too”.

Another adorable phrase which we haven’t yet been able to capture in audio is the response to when we sneeze: “Bless you Daddy!”.

Ellie’s going to be a big sister [VIDEO]

We’ve known for almost two months now, but we’re now ready to announce that Ellie is going to be a big sister. In the spring (late April / early May), we’re going to welcome either Hannah Michelle or Jack William (Hank for now [Hannah + Jack]) into this world.

This was all planned, so we’re very excited to expand our family once more.

This is how Ellie reacts when we ask if she wants to hug/kiss the baby. Soooo cute! Continue reading “Ellie’s going to be a big sister [VIDEO]”