Ellie asked for a dance party [VIDEO]

We don’t play too much “kids’ music” in our house (or cars). Instead, we just play what we like and Ellie has come to love it. She can pretty much sing most of Adele’s 25 (thanks to Marti) and she knows a lot of rock, dubstep and electronic rock thanks to me.

The other night we threw on some Coldplay and the way Ellie started jamming out when the chorus came along is ridiculously adorable, not to mention the “waiting finger” while she waits for it to kick in. Continue reading “Ellie asked for a dance party [VIDEO]”

Ellie floating and swimming [VIDEO]

Ellie has just completed her 6 weeks of swimming lessons for this season, following on from her first year’s lessons.

Whereas last year Ellie learned to float and call out if she fell in the water, this year she added swimming into the mix, so she swims for a few seconds and then pauses to float on her back and catch her breath before proceeding with swimming. She’s really mastered it now, can swim about half the length of the pool and just keeps getting better. Most importantly, she’s actually enjoying it now that she’s accomplishing something. Continue reading “Ellie floating and swimming [VIDEO]”

The Goodnight Train [VIDEO]

Ellie’s ability to memorise books is ridiculously good. And as each month passes, she gets better at pronouncing her words.

The Goodnight Train gets set to roll
It’s being shined and filled with coal

Wash the cars off with a hose
Scrub the engine’s dirty nose
Srcub-a-dub, scrub-a-dub, toot toot!

All aboard, the sun is down
The Goodnight Train is leaving town

Find your sleepers, grab your teddy
Climb right up, your bed is ready!

Continue reading “The Goodnight Train [VIDEO]”

I like that song, in the whole world, and ever [VIDEO]

When your child starts learning phrases like “in the whole world” and “forever and ever”, you can get some hilarious results when they start adding them into sentences haphazardly.

While demonstrating the songs on Jack’s fox, she described them all and then went on to tell us about the piano song:

I like that song, in the whole world, and ever

Continue reading “I like that song, in the whole world, and ever [VIDEO]”

When the timer goes off! [VIDEO]

This one falls into the category of “things that you laugh at that you shouldn’t laugh at”.

Ellie started up her swimming lessons again this week (after her first round last summer). While she was effectively learning how not to drown last year, this year the plan is to get some movement going. She loves the water and she enjoys going in the pool at home, but she is not a fan of going to swimming lessons. She cries at the sight of her swimming costume and generally cries throughout the whole lesson.

In an effort to calm Ellie down on her first day, Miss T told Ellie that she would be finished when the timer goes off (as each lesson is just 10 minutes long), encouraging her that it wouldn’t be long until it was over. However, this snowballed out of control and now after every dunk beneath the water, she comes up crying and yelling “When the timer goes off!”. Every time. Without fail. I think she’s the only one that doesn’t see the funny side (yet). Continue reading “When the timer goes off! [VIDEO]”