Dinner at Nicola’s with Granny

Today, we headed over to Aunty Nicola’s house to see everyone again and to meet Granny.

We shared some Lebanese food, but more importantly, we played around with Granny, Aunty Nicola, Aunty Michelle and Max. Continue reading “Dinner at Nicola’s with Granny”

Ellie’s first few days in England

Our first few days in England were characterized by lots of sleeping, meeting family members and more snoozing.

Ellie met Aunty Nicola, Aunty Michelle, Uncle Andy, Aunty Sam, cousin Ace and cousin Max for the first time, and met Grandad and Dosh again. Continue reading “Ellie’s first few days in England”

Passport time

As Martina and I have started discussing when to go to England in 2014 (since we’ve decided that we’re definitely going next year), we figured we should start getting Ellie’s passports squared away.

It is very important to us that Ellie get her British citizenship, so we started to assemble all of the necessary paperwork and documents.

It’s not a cheap adventure: by the time she gets both her red and blue passports, it will have cost us about $500 in applications fees, courier fees and record fees, but it’s both necessary, and important to us.


4th of July: a moral dilemma

Well, today is the 4th of July, which America knows as Independence Day and the rest of the world knows as the 4th of July.

Today presents the first of many moral dilemmas to come for me. Thing is, I’m British – quite proudly so – and I never really “got” or “cared for” American culture, so imagine my quandary when I fell in love with an American and moved here.

That wasn’t too hard to deal with, but now things have become more complicated. By virtue of Ellie being born in America, she is now an American citizen, and will be going to American schools and working with Americans. Continue reading “4th of July: a moral dilemma”