Family pictures 2018

After we discovered Jess and Jon at Cascade Photography last year and fell in love with the great job they did on our family photos last year, we asked them to come back and do some more photos for us this year.

Fall is a perfect time for family photos in Portland because the leaves are beautiful and colourful and of course we can include those pictures on our Christmas cards.

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Family vacation to Bend, OR [VIDEO]

This summer, we made the decision to take our family vacation in Bend, OR. Bend is characterized by the high desert climate, notably different from the wetter climate on the west side of the Cascades (where Portland is), but its craft beer scene and its many options for outdoor adventure.

It was a pretty low-key affair and more than anything, it was just a good break from the everyday slog of life at home, but while we were there, we definitely took the opportunity to do some activities that we wouldn’t ordinarily be able to do.

For example, we took Ellie and Jack horseback riding which went really well. Jack definitely needed some convincing, but once he realised he was OK, he loved it up on the horse. Continue reading “Family vacation to Bend, OR [VIDEO]”

Nicola & Max came to visit

Last August, my sister (Ellie’s aunty) and my nephew (Ellie’s cousin) came to Oregon to visit us all.

During that time, we fit a lot in. We went to the Chinese Gardens, visited Powell’s, went to the coast, went up Mount Hood, enjoyed a jet boat ride on the Willamette and visited some wineries (naturally). Continue reading “Nicola & Max came to visit”

Snuggling up in bed with us

Since we hooked Ellie up with her “big girl bed” a few weeks ago, she’s started venturing out of her room once she’s awake in the morning. So, if we’re still dozy, she very sweetly comes up to us, rubs us on the arm to wake us up and then snuggles up in bed with us. It’s amazing.

The part that’s not amazing is when you left home several hours ago and she’s snuggling up with Mama and Jack instead of you. Continue reading “Snuggling up in bed with us”

Ellie giving Jack cuddles and a handshake [VIDEO]

After Ellie and Jack’s first introduction two days ago, they’re really acclimatising to one another. This morning, when Ellie came into our room to see us and Jack, she had this adorable interaction with him. Continue reading “Ellie giving Jack cuddles and a handshake [VIDEO]”