Ellie’s first slip and slide

Mama recently got some inspiration from Pinterest to make Ellie a slip-and-slide using a plastic tablecloth and some shaving cream. Seems reasonable enough.

However, our experience of it was more like Ellie jumping onto the tablecloth and coming to an abrupt halt. She had more fun just lathering herself up in the shaving foam, so it wasn’t a complete failure, but it definitely counts as a Pinterest Fail. Continue reading “Ellie’s first slip and slide”

Selfie video [VIDEO]

While I was getting a rare first-thing-in-the-morning snuggle from Ellie, I decided to try and take a photo, but when I did, and she could see herself on my phone screen, she started playing with her mouth and watching the image on the screen repeat her, which intrigued her and made for a nice little video. Continue reading “Selfie video [VIDEO]”