Ellie’s 6-month picture

Today is Christmas Day, which is also Ellie’s 6-month birthday.

Ellie is so much fun these days and Marti and I are enjoying parenting much more than in the first few months. She’s a lot of fun and is developing new skills every week.

Ellie is now rolling over, sitting up without much support, laughing, playing and recognising people and animals quite readily.

6 months

Height: 26.75in (81st percentile)
Weight: 15lbs 3oz (30th percentile)
Head circumference: 17.13in (82nd percentile)

Ellie’s 3-month picture

Today, Ellie is 3 months old, which marks quite a distinction between being quite developmentally undeveloped and gaining lots of new skills. In the past week or so, we’ve had to retire some of her clothes as she’s clearly growing, even though we don’t really notice day to day. The next three months are going to be quite interesting as Ellie starts teething, moving and chatting.

3 months
3 months

Ellie’s 2-month picture

We did it! We survived for two full months. And to show for it, Ellie is about 2-3 lbs heavier, smiley, giggly and has started to grow in her hair.

I’ve grown quite attached to my little Ellie and I love waking up with her and coming home to her after work. She the bestest.

2 months

Height: 23.5in (89th percentile)
Weight: 10lbs 14oz (37th percentile)
Head circumference: 15.67in (89th percentile)

2 months
2 months