Ellie’s first restaurant excursion

Today, we went to visit an old friend of Martina’s, and we decided to meet at a restaurant for lunch. It was the first time we’d ever taken Ellie to a restaurant, but we felt ok about it, since she’s easier to predict now, and we were outside where she wouldn’t be able to scream the restaurant down if she so chose. She was a champ, and even munched down half a banana while we were there.


Ellie’s first trip

Last weekend, Martina, Ellie and myself ventured out to Orlando, because I was speaking at WordCamp Orlando.

Travelling with a young child is quite an ordeal: we had an insane amount of baggage with us (pack ‘n’ play, diapers, clothes, clothes, clothes, stroller etc.).

Fortunately, our drive over was exceptionally easy: Ellie slept the full two hours and woke up as we pulled up at the hotel. Amazing! Continue reading “Ellie’s first trip”