Photographer’s assistant

We’re currently in the process of applying for Jack’s British passport and as part of that process, I needed to take some photos of Jack.

I asked Ellie to help me out by sitting in position so that I could set up camera with a model with a little more patience and cooperation than a 1-year old. Continue reading “Photographer’s assistant”

Ellie getting a bike for her birthday [VIDEO]

Many months ago, Mama mentioned to Ellie the possibility of her getting a bike for her birthday and since that day, she has professed to everyone that she “is getting a bike for her birthday”.

So we couldn’t really fail her. We celebrated her birthday a little early since we had family visiting, but her reaction when she got her bike was hysterical. She had this nervous laughter that she couldn’t quite believe she got a bike. She was a bit shaky at first, but within 24 hours she’s already zooming around. Continue reading “Ellie getting a bike for her birthday [VIDEO]”

Ellie’s love for Great Explorations (and its fire truck)

We’ve had a membership at Great Explorations for a few months now and Ellie loves going there. She’ll ask several times a week if we can go to “the museum”. Sometimes she’ll even ask after we just got home from the museum.

They’ve got a lot of good things for kids to play with and explore so it’s well worth the membership fee. I think the membership will pay for itself even more when summer rolls around and no one wants to be outside. Continue reading “Ellie’s love for Great Explorations (and its fire truck)”

Taking a break in our closet

Now that Ellie is of the age where she plays by herself and does her own thing sometimes, occasionally we’ll find Ellie doing the strangest things or in the most peculiar places.

The other day, we went into our closet to find Ellie laying down taking a rest on the floor. Continue reading “Taking a break in our closet”

Ellie’s new favourite toy

Ellie has always had an affinity for keys. She loves playing with car keys and house keys. However, we’ve always shied away from giving her our car keys, in case she loses them.

However, Mama came up with a genius idea. On Amazon, you can pick up a car key “shell” without the electronics for about $5. She now doesn’t go anywhere without her key and loves having a car key just like Mama’s.
Continue reading “Ellie’s new favourite toy”

Ellie’s first slip and slide

Mama recently got some inspiration from Pinterest to make Ellie a slip-and-slide using a plastic tablecloth and some shaving cream. Seems reasonable enough.

However, our experience of it was more like Ellie jumping onto the tablecloth and coming to an abrupt halt. She had more fun just lathering herself up in the shaving foam, so it wasn’t a complete failure, but it definitely counts as a Pinterest Fail. Continue reading “Ellie’s first slip and slide”